“My husband and I tried to get pregnant for about a year. When first meeting with Orlando acupuncturist Tammi Jones, I was pretty emotional about not getting pregnant. I was depressed and stressed and Tammi put me right at ease. Her positive outlook and words of encouragement really helped me through the process. In the second month of working with Tammi, I became pregnant.* We were incredibly happy.”

Ally, Sanford, FL


“Orlando acupuncture specialist Tammi Jones not only treated me for fertility, but helped me with some other symptoms that were interfering with my ability to conceive. After my 4th session she assessed that I would need 4 months of treatments. It was in the 4th month that I conceived!” *

Kate, Orlando, FL


“After trying unsuccessfully for 2 years to get pregnant on my own, and after being diagnosed with several issues relating to infertility, I started seeing Orlando acupuncture specialist Dr. Jones. The acupuncture treatments helped to relieve the emotional stress associated with infertility and ultimately allowed me to conceive our son, Jack. Without you, your support, knowledge and confidence, my husband and I would have never had our beautiful baby boy. You and acupuncture changed our lives completely and we can’t put into words how grateful we are.”

Jennifer, Orlando, FL


Hot Flashes

“After being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and receiving six months of chemotherapy and radiation, I was on the path of healing and wanted to concentrate on prevention. The chemotherapy put me in early menopause and I was experiencing severe day sweats and hot flashes and joint pain. Tammi has been able to eliminate approximately 90% of these sweats and flashes and my joint pain has been greatly reduced, which I am extremely grateful.”

Leila,  Altamonte Springs, FL


“…I appreciate all your assistance with helping to relieve me of my hot flashes and my frequent urination, especially at night. I was amazed that after just a couple of sessions with you, I noticed an incredible improvement. At first, the flashes were less intense and less frequent, but eventually, after a couple of months, I am so happy to say I think they have been eliminated completely.”

Gloria, Winter Springs, FL


Arthritis & Hot flashes “I experienced an acute bout of arthritis to the point of having difficulty writing and standing up in the morning. I was having 4-6 hot flashes a day and 1-2 that would wake me up each night in a sweat. I also needed to loose about 20 pounds. Three months later I am 25 pounds lighter, 95% pain free and sleeping through the night with almost no daytime hot flashes.”

Margaret, Oviedo, FL


Allergies, Digestion & Pain “I had been in an auto accident three years ago, was plagued with multiple allergies, GI upset, general aches and pains and was experiencing those famous hot flashes! I was 42 going on 82! I am a registered nurse and knew the benefits of Western medicine. However, I was on several medications and I still felt awful! Over the next several months I listened, learned and followed the treatment plan that Dr. Jones set before me. I was committed to feel better. I changed my diet, switched my Western medicine to herbal supplements and was on an acupuncture treatment plan. I think there is a definite blend between Western and Eastern medicine. Orlando acupuncture specialist Dr. Jones has a warm and wonderful spirit and she has made my life better. The best thing is I lost weight and I can finally say… I feel great!”

Deanna, Winter Springs, FL

Allergies & Arthritis


“I have been suffering with allergies for several years trying several medications, finding that nothing helped. My allergist suggested moving to Arizona. Not only has your treatment alleviated my allergies, my arthritic pain has also gone away.”

William, Altamonte Springs, FL

Allergies & Balance


“My sinuses were so heavy and painful and stuffed up I could barely keep my balance. My thinking was off-balance as well. It was difficult to keep my concentration. I went to a “‘bunch” of doctors- five in all. Each one took x-rays and gave me tests and then sent me to another one. At the very end after eight months they all said they didn’t know what was wrong and they couldn’t help me. Dr. Tammi and acupuncture more than helped. It put me back on track for all the commitments I had started. I felt better each session. And what added to the procedure was Dr. Tammi’s open honesty and sincere commitments to make me feel better.”

Monica, Altamonte Springs, FL



“I suffered from Sciatic nerve pain for over 20 years. After trying lots of alternatives, Acupuncture worked wonders for me. Since my treatment with Orlando acupuncture specialist Dr. Jones, I have been pain free for 3 years.”

Laura, Altamonte Springs, FL

Neck Pain


“Orlando acupuncture specialist Dr. Tammi Jones has helped me in so many ways in relieving my constant neck pain and occasional headaches. Tammi’s bedside manner is peaceful and pleasant, always encouraging me to return. It’s been a highly beneficial treatment. Synoma is a very peaceful and relaxing center that has a feel of comfort and serenity.”

Nick, Longwood, FL

Degenerative Cervical Disc


“I am 81 and have been suffering from Degenerative Cervical Disc problems for over 23 years. I have been to Orthopedic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Pain Management Centers (epidurals, nerve root block, etc.), Neurosurgeons, and even Acupuncture Physicians. My pain still persisted. Early in May, a chiropractor friend suggested that I make an appointment with Dr. Tammi Jones, an acupuncture physician. I was very skeptical of this, having had acupuncture before without any success. But the pain level was so severe at this point; I decided to try acupuncture again. On my first visit to Dr. Jones, the pain level was significantly reduced. I now call her my “Miracle Worker”. Her conscientiousness, knowledge, concern for her patients is an inspiration to me and others, I am sure. Dr. Tammi Jones has done wonders for me what so many others could not achieve- make me PAIN FREE.”

Joseph, Maitland, FL

Back Pain


“What brought me to Orlando acupuncture specialist Dr. Jones was back pain that was so bad it had me taking pain killers that I was adamantly against. After trying chiropractic care and neuromuscular massage I then went to an orthopedic clinic and basically got the run around, tested and given drugs. Dr. Jones quite impressed me with her knowledge and thorough approach to my treatment. Within two or three treatments for the first time in weeks I had relief from my pain. What impressed me even more is that Tammi told me at the beginning if she could not give me relief in a few treatments, then she would more likely suggest that I go back to traditional medicine.”

Sharron, Altamonte Springs, FL

Shoulder Injury


“I dislocated my shoulder in a sports injury. Before my first acupuncture session I was in severe pain and had a very limited range of motion. By the end of my first session with Dr. Tammi, my pain had subsided a great deal and my range of motion improved. After my first session my pain was less than before and I was able to work on stretching and improving my range of motion. After my second session my pain had been reduced to about 90% of its original level and my range of motion had made significant improvement. After my third session my pain was totally gone and the majority of my range of motion has returned.”

Alton, Apopka, FL

Back and Neck Pain


“I have been pleasantly pleased about the results of my acupuncture treatments with Orlando acupuncture specialist Tammi Jones. My back and neck pain have virtually disappeared and my energy levels have noticeably improved.”

– Mike, Maitland, FL

Ankle Pain


“My left ankle was painful to walk on each morning and swollen each night. Traditional medicine had pinpointed no problem with it. With acupuncture however, the pain gradually lessened and disappeared. Now we are working with on eliminating a little residual stiffness.”

Annie, Orlando, FL

Shoulder Pain


“I am a 30 year old very athletic male. That has had shoulder therapy and surgery several times, and nothing they could do would make me feel better or even 50% of what I used to be… after less than 6 visits my arm and shoulder feel 90% as strong as it did before my injury.”

James,  Apopka, FL

Joint Pain


“I first started coming to Orlando acupuncture specialist Dr. Tammi Jones because I had a great deal of joint pain, especially in my right shoulder. So much so, that I started using my left arm because it was too painful to do everyday things with my right arm. After just a few sessions I saw marked improvement. After a few more the joint pain was quickly leaving. Now, after just a short time I have full range of motion in my shoulder and I continue to improve. I know I am well on my way to being totally pain free for good.”

Joan, Orlando, FL


“I started treatments with Dr. Tammi Jones about a year ago for soreness in my knees. After two months the soreness was gone away. I continue to see her twice a month for my knees and back and I can honestly say that these treatments keep me pain free. My wife also sees Tammi for arthritis in her thumbs and the treatments have greatly relieved her problem. ”

Bill, Orlando, FL

Immune System and Headaches


“Before starting treatment with Dr. Jones, I was suffering from monthly colds and weekly headaches. My immune system was wrecked to the point that I could not travel without getting sick. Since I started treatment with Tammi three months ago, I have not gotten sick, even though I have been traveling frequently, and my headaches have been substantially eliminated.”

Shira, Orlando, FL


“Orlando acupuncture specialist Dr. Tammi Jones is, simply, the most natural healer I have ever encountered. In 47 years of experiencing doctors and practitioners, Western and Holistic, in all of the cities I’ve lived in, including New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, none has provided the combination of compassion, warmth, and ability that she does. I’ve seen her for conditions both physical and emotional, and Dr. Tammi has always come through. I’m lucky to have found her.”

Tom,  Altamonte Springs, FL

Natural Face Lifts


“Dr. Tammi’s acupuncture face lifts took 10 years on aging and wrinkles off my face.”

William, Longwood FL



I was faced with high levels of pain after my knee surgery. Tammi has been able to reduce my pain to almost zero. She not only addresses the pain but also checks to see how I am doing overall. Through her efforts I am confident that I will not need any more knee surgery.
Jim, Orlando



My wife and I came for treatment for fertility issues and my high cholesterol count. We feel that Tammi has taken a real interest in our situation and has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in our treatments. We recently learned that my wife is pregnant and that my cholesterol has been lowered from 289 to 229. We both would recommend this treatment to anyone. I forgot to mention my sleep problems which have improved dramatically since I have been receiving treatment.
Dudley, Orlando



ln May of 2007 my OB/GYN decided to change my birth control pill to a different pill because I was getting older and the dosage was a bit high. I originally started taking birth control 6 years prior to help with cycle regulation and reducing cysts that had formed on my ovaries. After 2 weeks of taking the new birth control I had an anxiety attack. lt was awful. I didnt think that birth control could do that so I continued with the pill and went about my daily routine thinking it was just a weird reaction. lt happened again a few weeks later and I called my doctor and said something is wrong. I stopped the birth control altogether. I never had any issues with anxiety ever before in my life. The only thing that was different in my life was the new pill. After I stopped the pill the panic attacks stopped. But there were still problems. I stopped having periods for months and when I did have them I was nauseated, dizzy and the anxious feelings returned but no attacks. My periods would last for about a week and a half, be very heavy and the next month, if I had one would be barely there but I would have numbness in my toes and severe back pain. I asked my doctor why was this happening and how can I fix it because it was beginning to affect my well being. He said it was because I had been on birth control so long and it would take a while for it to work its way out. I gave it a year.

I finally asked a co-worker about a holistic doctor she had went too and she gave me their number but also recommended I visit Tammi Jones to help in case I couldn’t get in with the Holistic doctor. I called and wasn’t able to see the doctor for three more months. I wasn’t going to wait any longer, I wanted to enjoy my life again. I called Tammi and she set up a consultation within days.

I was always curious about Acupuncture and was desperate for a change. Even though I was a little skeptical I went, I had nothing to lose.

I am so glad I did! My first consultation was pretty tough. It was heart-wrenching to find out my body was in such bad shape. I had mold, bacteria and fungus! I told Tammi that if I was a house no one would buy me! Its shocking to find out when you think you’re eating healthy, doing what Western medicine says is the healthy way of living that you’re really not doing so hot! Tammi told me it would take a while possibly six months to a year to get my system cleaned up but I wasn’t too far gone.

She started me on a supplement routine and modified my diet drastically. Being a woman who loves food that was pretty rough. I will admit a few weeks into the program I went to my appointment very frustrated with my new eating plan. She reassured me it was only temporary! I really had to get creative in the kitchen ! I also whined about taking the supplements because it seemed like so much and I barely like to take Tylenol. Again, Tammi reassured me, It’s only temporary!” I continued on! I came in for my regular Acupuncture sessions and tongue checks and realizing several changes. The acupuncture was so fascinating. Who know that points in your ear would help your liver! I was so amazed with the process and how incredibly my health was changing. I begin to sleep better and have a period about every 40 to 45 days. lt was getting better! I never thought I would wish for my period every month but when your body is so out of whack you wish for strange things! We continued to monitor my cycles and my symptoms. The issues started to disappear about 3 months down the line and after that only slight issues. Tammi adjusted my supplements and moved the acupuncture needles around and soon enough things were even better! Five months after my first visit with Tammi my cycle has regulated, the anxiety issues are gone, my skin has cleared up and a completely shocking benefit is I’ve lost nearly 60 pounds! I didn’t expect or even try to lost the weight it was just an added benefit!

I am very impressed with Tammi and her gift of healing. It took less time than she original figured, her caring and compassionate nature is overwhelming. I recommend her help to everyone I know who is having any kind of issue that Western medicine has turned a blind eye too. Tammi is very personable and her lively spirit makes you feel confident that she is going to help fix you. I am on a maintenance program now and am so grateful that I feel so incredible, the only bad part is I don’t get to visit with Tammi as often! She is a healer and l feel privileged to call her my acupuncturist and more importantly my friend.
Cyrena Kosmidis



Dr. Tammi Jones,

If you are reading this, then like me, you have probably picked up the book of testimonials that was laying in front of you. Maybe, even like me, you are somewhat skeptical of what you are reading. At least I know I was, but then again, that is my nature. What I do know is that that you picked this book up for a reason and are now reading my words and that hopefully, I will influence you to take the action necessary to find better health in your life. So, here is my story:

Waking up: I woke up everyday with pain ! It wasn’t just a matter of where it would be in my body but how intense it could be. Let me say it this way, I suffered from pain every single day for years that erased the joy of living out of my life.

I tried: Yes, l had tried about every cure known to man and a few that were probably best served for animals. I had MD’s, D.O.’s, Chiropractors, Acupunturist, Massage therapist, machines to stretch me and even hang me upside down. I had been prescribed every medication on the market for pain in every form. Embarrasingly so, at one point in my life, I became addicted to pain medications. Something, I never believed could happen to me. As you can see, l had seen other Acupuncturist, some of who were tops in their field but honestly nothing worked.

Why would I try again: Well, I guess when you hit bottom there is no place to go but up. Fortunately for me, as l read the book of testimonials, Dr. Jones walked in the room. l asked her if she could help me and to my surprise she said she didn’t know. I thought that was a silly answer but probably refreshingly truthful so I set an appointment.

What happened: It took about 7 visits for me to begin to really get some relief. From the treatments she gave me I had enough relief to begin to re-engage life. Amazingly, I begin to wake up with less pain and today i have no pain at all. I started running, and working out. I lost 40 pounds, I run 7 miles every other day and work with weights 3 days a week. To say life is good would be a tremendous understatement. I just needed a chance, a beginning.

What made the difference: Her treatments were precise and in depth. Quite honestly, she works hard. She cares about her patient and her effort into making you feel better shows. I can honestly say, there was a marked difference in her tenacious care vs other health care providers. Easily said, she is the type of person that takes a genuine interest in her patients and making their health better.

So why did I write this: First, nothing could ever influence me to write this if it were not factual and true. Next, I hope in some way to pay it forward and that you will seek treatment with Dr. Jones and find the health that I found. If that happens then it writing this has made it more than worth it. Lastly, I owe it to Dr. Jones. How do you repay someone for restoring your life? It’s not really possible and saying thanks is just not enough nearly enough.

In closing: Just like me it is now decision time for you. You can put the book down, doubt what you are reading, shake it off as nothing can help or……..it’s such a small risk to give life a new try. I can only hope you make the right decision, as I did, for your life. A lot of people were counting on me and many may be counting on you. If its good enough for Nike then its good enough for us so just do it.

If we need to talk my number is below and I would be willing to help you with your decision to seek treatment with Dr. Jones anyway I can. I believe in her treatments that much and I believe in her that much. I wish you the best health that staffs now.


General Manager(retired)
At&t Corporation


My story:
January 26, 2011

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to be present at lunch with some friends where the topic of conversation was “hot flashes”. One of my friends had suffered with such severe episodes that it was very disruptive to her everyday life. After going to an acupuncturist – Dr. Tammi Jones- she had gotten great results for her problem. I then learned that an added bonus for my friend was relief from her arthritis symptoms. That’s when I really started listening.

I have suffered from arthritis for years (a gift from my mother ) and it had progressively gotten worse. My fingers (very ugly ), my thumbs, my hips…… I didn’t want to take prescription drugs, so I thought I would give Dr. Jones a try. That is a how long and rewarding relationship began. She helped me with my arthritis beyond what I could ever have hoped for. Today, I am totally pain free and my “ugly ” fingers have not gotten any more unsightly. (When I see my older sister’s hands, I knew where I was headed.)

Now for my bonus. One day while Dr. Jones and I were talking, I told her that I suffered from lymphocytic colitis. (I can’t imagine why I didn’t tell her that on my first visit!) That condition truly affeeted my life in a very negative way. Well, Dr. Jones was determined to help me with that and she did. She definitely helped me to get back to my normal activities and again without taking any prescription drugs. I am so grateful to her for that.

Dr. Jones had also treated my husband, a daughter, and a son-in-law with great success. That of course, are their stories.

She is such a caring person and has become a treastred friend. I would highly recommend her and know that anyone that she treats will have the highest quality of care. If you are a patient of Dr. Jones, you are lucky!



To Whom It May Concern:
As a retired orthopedic surgeon, I was quite skeptical when I first sought acupuncture therapy for a protracted neck and shoulder problem. However, I had not had lasting success with medication or with steroid injections, and desired a more lasting treatment while limiting my intake of medication and steroid.

On recommendation of a trusted friend, I visited the Synoma Wellness Centre, and met Dr. Tammi Jones, who was to be my acupuncture practitioner.

I found Dr. Jones to be very professional, through, and competent. I was told initially that she would try several sessions of treatment, but if I did not show significant improvement in a few sessions, then she would recommend no more.

She explained what her plan of treatment clearly, and we began our sessions. Her treatments were certainly not similar to what I had done for my patients before retiring, but the results spoke for themselves. I had excellent lasting relief almost immediately, and near complete resolution of my symptoms by the end of a short series of sessions.

My wife had similar experience in treatment of her arthritic knee.

I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Jones to friends and family members, and will not hesitate to go back should I have need of her service again.




I had been suffering from Endometriosis for 10 years. I had had two surgeries and had been on all different kinds of pain medication. Not only did I have pelvic pain, but back pain as well. My doctor had said that it was time for another surgery, but I decided to see if I could manage my pain in another way. Someone suggested acupuncture to me, and although I was nervous about the needles (which really are not bad, I actually like them now) I decided to give it a try. And I am so glad I did! After my first session with Dr. Tammi, I had no back pain; after 2 sessions my pelvic pain level dropped from an 8 to a 3; after 6 sessions, I am completely pain free. Dr. Tammi is wonderful to work with. She is very insightful and is great in explaining the treatment to you.
V.R, Orlando, FL



Patient Success Story
November 19, 2007

On August 8th, of this year I was in excruciating pain and had been for quite sometime. I initially hurt my knee through some workouts. To compensate for the pain, I guess I over compensated in the way I was walking and thought I also threw my back out of alignment or something.

I knew all rug primary care physician would do is write a prescription for pills and again I would be on another prescription.

I had been reading some books by Kevin Trudeau and knew I needed some major over hauling in my thinking about my health care as I certainly was not getting better as I was getting older, I was just getting more medicated and sicker.

This time I decided to go with a doctor who would spend more that the usual three to five minutes with me and who would truly help me in my quest to get better.

I felt at this point I would seek out the natural path as much as possible. I opened the phone book and found doctors Jones and Johnston. They were both female, and I decided that after all the years of going to male doctors who really didn’t help me it was definitely worth a shot!

I called the office at 7:30 A.M. and thought I would get either the answering service or at least a recorded message giving me the hours of operation.

Remember I said I was in pain and by this time I had spasms in my lower back which were starting to make me have some breathing problems also. Imagine my shock when I actually heard a human voice in the other end of the line! It was Lisa, their receptionist and not an answering service. She probably could tell by my voice how much pain I was in and got me in to see Dr. Jones later that day. What an astute ear!

That was the start of my whole positive life change. With well placed needles here and there I began my relief treatment. By the time I left the office that day I was so much better. I knew I had made the right choice. I also like the medicine sheets they hand out with the times to take them and what they are for. There is no confusion about remembering which to take, when, and the dosage. After I got home I looked at the area on my legs where Dr. Jones had inserted the needles and I began to notice the red splotches on my legs were beginning to subside, and some of my veracious veins were also disappearing.

The swelling in my ankles were also beginning to go down. Dr. Jones had given me some educational paperwork “homework” if you will, to read on Qi to assist me learn about the Chinese Art of Acupuncture.

Now at least the pain was more bearable and I could really start to heal. I was given a diet to follow and some natural pills to assist my body heal itself.

While there, I mentioned I was interested in Detoxing my body of all the stuff I had accumulated over my lifetime of bad eating habits. Since then I have gone on to corrective care in getting to the root of my medical problems. I notices a much improved sleep pattern, weight loss while on the sugar / insulin / leptin / metabolism diet.

By October of this year I began to see Dr. Johnston and going with natural maintenance cures to help me achieve a batter health program. Overall when I first started at Healing Alternatives I was functioning at forty (40%) percent. Going to my primary health care provider I was willing to accept the fact that I would maybe live another twenty (20) years with all my aches and pains and would chalk it all up to “getting old”.

I must tell you I have now begun to shoot forty (40) years of good health, going the natural way and having all my mental faculties about me. With both Dr. Jones and Dr. Johnston’s help, I know I can do it!

In just the three (3) months since I have been coming here, I have lost eleven (11) pounds; get six (6) to seven (7) hours of solid recuperative sleep per night; my blood pressure has dropped, my first A1C type 11 diabetes test showed within the normal range, and my sinuses have improved and overall I am feeling much better.

I know I will be coming here for many years and truly getting and staying well. I cannot thank both Dr. Jones and Dr. Johnston enough.

S. Leah



Hello Dr. Tammi,

I just wanted to take the time to say hello and to let you know how much I appreciated your services. We worked so hard to try to get me pregnant and you never once gave up on me, even when I thought my own body had failed. If it wasn’t for your help it would’ve never happened! I am still pregnant now, will soon be 15 weeks- a little over 3 months. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you . My husband also wanted to give thanks to you, he said you always looked so confident. I wanted to point out what a learning experience it was for me to find that acupuncture can help our bodies into balance… It was something that I decided to give a try… after trying to conceive with different doctors some of which said it would be very hard and almost impossible. Somehow I had a feeling that these doctors just weren’t aware of other methods to balance our bodies other than with high-cost treatments that many people can’t afford. You refereed me to Dr. Zelner who also assisted me along with you and encouraged to me keep doing my acupuncture sessions and to follow your advise. Today my belly is growing round and my baby is looking pretty healthy! – And I couldn’t be more thankful than that. Being pregnant has really help me realize the miracle of life.. it’s overwhelmingly wonderful- I am at a bliss. But without your help and guidance it wouldn’t have been possible. It seems like I just followed my intuition and at the end it payed off. Thank you Dr. Tammi… you have a healing hand, a kind spirit, and a soul full of knowledge, but above all you do your work with love and gratitude- and I wanted to send back to you that some love and gratitude. Thanks so much!

You can tell I’m in an emotional high- hehe BUT IT’S JUST SOOOO WONDERFUL!!!!




Patient Success Story
January 30, 2011

I developed back pain in 2004. I tried conventional treatment which included anti-inflammatory medicine, physical therapy and spinal injections. None of these treatments worked for me. My pain interfered with everything. I could not bend, it was difficult getting in and out of chairs and the car, and I could not even load the dishwasher without feeling like I was going to fall. I could not even sneeze without holding on to something – sneezing made my back spasm and it felt like I was going to snap in 2. This pain had a severe and negative impact on my quality of life as trying to complete basic activities of daily living was challenging in finding the correct body position alignment to take the pressure of my back and allow me to complete tasks. After listening to a colleague present information about how acupuncture could benefit cancer patients experiencing a multitude of symptoms including pain. I decided acupuncture was worth a try. I had no other options and I wanted my life back. Meeting Dr. Tammi Jones was one of the best things to happen to me. Through acupuncture she was able to give me my functioning back. I have been a patient of Dr. Jones for 3 years now and I am able to do almost everything I was able to do before my back pain. I am back to playing sports like Ultimate Frisbee and Softball. I am able to garden again. All of these activities require bonding. I can also now do basic chores at home without feeling like my back is going to give out on me. Dr. Jones has also been able to use acupuncture to reduce my stress. I would hate to imagine what my state of health would be like now had I not met Dr. Jones. Being a natural skeptic, I was a little hesitant to “waste my life” with acupuncture, but it was one of the best health decisions I have ever made. Having talked to other people who have tried acupuncture, I realize how professional and thorough Dr. Jones is. She always puts the patient first and treats to what the body needs most.

I hereby give permission to Tammi Jones, DOM and her clinic Synoma Wellness Centre to use my testimonial to promote the expansion of Natural Health Care. It is my understanding that my testimonial will be used to encourage others whose health problems, or needs, may be similar to mine to choose Natural Health Care.




Patient Success Story
March 30, 2011

I first began Acupuncture treatment with Dr. Tammi Jones while undergoing an aggressive chemotherapy regimen for breast cancer.

The acupuncture was very successful in alleviating the side effects I was experiencing related to the chemotherapy. These included trouble sleeping, nausea, joint pain, gastrointestinal burning, depression and fatigue.

Since then, I have continued a maintenance program with Dr. Jones. Her treatment has helped me with managing fatigue, anxiety, acid reflux, and trouble sleeping. The acupuncture also increased my energy level and has a positive effect on my emotional well-being.

Dr. Jones is a gifted healer. She is extremely caring and compassionate. When she is with you, she is focused only on you and your wellness. In my opinion, she is a rare and valuable individual.

I highly recommend her!

I hereby give permission to Tammi Jones, DOM and her clinic Synoma Wellness Centre to use my testimonial to promote the expansion of Natural Health Care. It is my understanding that my testimonial will be used to encourage others whose health problems, or needs, may be similar to mine to choose Natural Health Care.




Patient Success Story
February 22, 2011

Dear Dr. Tammi,

In December, 2010 when I came to you with tooth pain, an inflammation caused by a dentist’s over drilling to remove a filling, you knew that treatment would help.

This tooth was extremely sensitive to hot, cold and pressure to the extent that I was unable to use that side for eating or drinking.

With the acupuncture point loser and typical treatments most of the sensitivity has been eliminated. I can once again use the tooth without pain.

Along with all the other help to my health. Many thanks.


I hereby give permission to Tammi Jones, DOM and her clinic Synoma Wellness Centre to use my testimonial to promote the expansion of Natural Health Care. It is my understanding that my testimonial will be used to encourage others whose health problems, or needs, may be similar to mine to choose Natural Health Care.




Patient Success Story
January 19, 2011

I have been going to Dr. Jones for the past four years. I had shingles in December 2006.  I was in so much pain. My regular doctor could not help me. I started seeing Dr. Jones in January 2007 and within four treatments, my pain was gone. Her acupuncture, energy healing and medicine helped me and gave me the relief I was seeking. It took about nine months for the burning and tingling to subside. I could handle that, but not the horrible pain. I really don’t know what I would have done without the gentle way of her healing treatments; the spirits were within me when I want her. God bless you Dr. Jones.

I hereby give permission to Tammi Jones, DOM and her clinic Synoma Wellness Centre to use my testimonial to promote the expansion of Natural Health Care. It is my understanding that my testimonial will be used to encourage others whose health problems, or needs, may be similar to mine to choose Natural Health Care.




Patient Success Story
February 11, 2011

I am a professional ballet dancer who initially went to Dr. Tammi Jones seeking help with a neck injury that was keeping me from rehearsing and performing. I was one of those people who had heard of and believed in the benefits of acupuncture that had never tried it myself because I was afraid of the needles. Well, I was in so much pain, I was willing to brave the needles, and I figured it couldn’t possibly hurt worst than my neck.

During my first appointment, I told Dr. Tammi of my fear of the needles, and she used her smallest needles to start my treatment and make me feel more comfortable. Needless to say, it was not nearly s scary as I had anticipated; a completely pain free experience. What’s more, within 24 hours, my neck was starting to feel better.

The treatments for my neck were so successful that when I had some tendonitis causing me pain in my ankle, I called Dr. Tammi immediately. My ankle pain was gone before I even left her office.

Dr. Tammi also helped me when I had several stress fractures in my skin. Her treatments helped me manage the pain when I had to perform while my leg was still healing and kept the inflammation down, which ultimately allowed my leg to heal quicker even though I was still working.

As a professional ballet dancer, if I cannot use my body, I cannot work. Thus, there is a lot of stress and fear that arise when an injury occurs. Dr. Tammi possesses an innate compassion that makes her treatments more than just an acupuncture session. With her talent for really hearing what her patients are telling her and what it means to them. She is able to relate to her patients’ emotional states and help instill in them a confidence in their ability to heal themselves. This is a rare talent that allows Dr. Tammi to treat each patient as the individuals that they are.

I hereby give permission to Tammi Jones, DOM and her clinic Synoma Wellness Centre to use my testimonial to promote the expansion of Natural Health Care. It is my understanding that my testimonial will be used to encourage others whose health problems, or needs, may be similar to mine to choose Natural Health Care.




Beginning in the late nineties I began to suffer persistent allergies. These pesky episodes would occasionally turn into sinus infections that put me in bed for a day. The following day I would feel well enough to return to work, though not at all myself, and I would tough it out until my body fought off the infection.

In 1998 I began my career as a Firefighter-Paramedic. My sleep patterns changed. I had plenty of sleepless nights, plenty of high stress calls and was exposed to enough illness to test the healthiest person. My sinus infections became more frequent and the symptoms were growing worse. When I was transferred to an extremely busy station, I began to get sick every few months. In2004I was sick every month. These attacks on my immune system paled in comparison to the sniffles, head colds, headaches, allergic inflammation and even the flu (except when you get that gastro stuff that has you using the toilet and the trashcan at the same time, wishing you would just die so that it would be over). Usually triggered by stress or lack of sleep, I would notice my congestion worsen. My sinuses would close up and my face ached. Within 24 hours I would have a full-on sinus infection consisting of all over body aches, throbbing headaches that didn’t go away, zero strength and disgusting green-yellow mucus that exhausted many a Kleenex box. To put it simply I was miserable, and everything I tried to get well failed.

As a paramedic I have a modest amount of medical knowledge” so it wasn’t like I flying blind. I did hours of research on sinusitis and allergies. I had a medicine cabinet full of decongestants, expectorants, cough suppressants, NSAIDs, Tylenol, prescription allergy pills, steroidal sprays and herbs. I went to my primary doctor who would prescribe antibiotics and encourage me to see an allergist. I took every prescription and over the counter medicine they sell. Eventually I went to a reputable ENTiAllergist who did CT scans, prescribed meds, put me on allergy shots, told me to clean my house and change my environment. Still I was getting sick. I did the shots for over ayear and never felt better. In fact, I stopped getting the shots because they would make me symptomatic for a day or two, then I would get sick anyway. I cleaned the house, threw out the carpet and drapes, and eventually had the AC ducts replaced. It helped, but still I was getting sick.

My wife was seeing Dr. Tammi Jones for orthopedic injuries; and she was getting results. Her sister was also a patient, and she too was experiencing relief from a life-long ailment. It took some convincing, but I eventually went to see Dr. Jones. (I am always skeptical of alternative therapies because most of them are new-age hippy bunk. However, I have a deep appreciation for Eastern culture and medicine. I have just never found a reliable practitioner, until I met Dr. Jones.) With a healthy amount of skepticism, I met with her. What I experienced was a pleasant, empathetic, extremely professional healthcare provider that possessed an intuitive approach to medicine that cannot be taught. She was never hurried to get me out the door and was always available for questions. After a few visits I began to notice changes. Dr. Jones eased me into treatment course that eventually required a great deal of discipline. She never said that healing was going to be easy. On the contrary, she told me that in order to feel a hundred percent it would take a great deal of effort. Her treatments made sense and I was getting better, so regardless of the effort required I was determined to see this through. In the interest of the reader’s time I’ll cut to the chase. It took a few months of hard work, but I have not felt this healthy since I was a child. I have not been sick since seeing Dr. Jones. My diet is completely different (this was this most difficult change), my thoughts towards illness and ailment are different and I am anxious to work on another health issue I have struggled with now that my allergy woes are conquered.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Jones’ professionalism and the results she produces. She is a facilitator of healing unlike any conventional doctor you will ever experience. To the skeptic I will say, “Give her a little time. Commit to her dietary and medicinal prescriptions. Be honest with her and with yourself. Educate yourself as you do this. Ask plenty of questions and do plenty of research. Take an active role in getting well. After all the time, money and effort you have spent up until now, what do you really have to lose?”


* Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.