Natural Medicine Has Been A Part Of My Entire Life.

My father who is of Native American descent did acupressure on me as far back as I can remember for various conditions, such as a headache or the common cold. This provided my first experiences to natural healing and the impact of its effectiveness has lasted me a life time.

Additionally, my parents had the wisdom of nurturing from the inside with the foods we ate.  I grew up having two organic gardens that provided me with fresh vegetables we ate every day.  Both of my parents valued health and wellness, and exercise was a part of their routine. My mother even ran marathons, so keeping our bodies healthy was important. They believed that consuming a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and herbs (for healing as needed,) would support our bodies with the proper vitamins and nutrients. But even before them, the connection to the earth,  healing, herbs and energy came from my great grandmother. She was a Shaman Medicine Woman for her tribe with whom I have always felt an innate connection to.

In my teenage years I had the opportunity to get introduced to an applied Kinesologist, Chiropractor, and acupuncture physician. After my first acupuncture session I was in awe.  It was truly a blissful experience.  I learned that there is a way to provide a medicine that honored each and every individual as a perfect entity. To offer a form of medicine that encompassed the whole person (mind, body and spirit) with an alternative to drugs and surgery. That was it; I felt in my heart this was what I wanted to dedicate my life to.

Palm Harbor acupuncturist Tammi Jones and her son Kigen
Tammi and Kigen

Acupuncture, applied kinesiology and herbs have helped me in many ways. From taking care of a neck injury I suffered due to gymnastics, to eliminating allergies and digestive issues. It has been a source for healing for me and many others. But one of my truest testaments to acupuncture and natural medicine comes from the successful birth of my beautiful son, Kigen.

Just prior to my third trimester it was determined I was in premature/preterm labor due to a shortened cervix. I was transferred from my birthing center to a hospital.  The doctors at the state-of-the-art Winnie Palmers Neonatal Unit in Orlando, FL outlined their plan of action to prevent the risk of preterm labor, which involved steroid injections into my son’s lungs to prepare him for an early delivery. The drugs carried unwanted side effects to both me and my unborn son, and I wanted to see what other alternatives we had first.

We were told that the chance of a hospital delivery was better than 90% and was even put on strict bed rest. However, with the support of family, acupuncture treatments, lots of alkaline water, natural progesterone injections, meditation and bed rest, I not only avoided the steroids but was the first patient seen by the chief resident who made it full term without doing the standard medication regiment. I delivered my son at 38 weeks naturally with assistance of my midwife at a birthing center.

This was surely a case where the testing devices and support of Western Medicine met Eastern Medicine with a successful outcome. After my son was born it was suspected he had an underdeveloped stomach. With the use of applied kinesiology, homeopathy and herbs he is now a healthy 20 month boy who has minimal stomach issues.

I have seen healing take place safely, naturally and for so many various conditions.  It is so empowering for someone to use the natural wisdom of their bodies to bring balance, health, and wholeness to themselves – and why I believe “Healing is within you, I will stand witness”.  Your body’s wisdom to heal is indeed…within you.